* Good morning New Paltz! Today is Wedneday, May 22, 2019.   I am ____________________.

- And, Hello, New Paltz, I am _____________. Please stand for the pledge of allegiance.

(pause before pledge)

"I pledge allegiance, to the Flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

* Thank you please be seated.

* In Club News:

- Attention Drama Club/Musical seniors, tonight at 5:30pm is the final Dress Rehearsal for The Last Act.  Please come prepared with all of your music.

* Attention Drama Club, anyone interested in participating in the fall 2019 production, please come to tonight's meeting at 6:00pm.  If you couldn't make the last meeting, it is NOT too late!  Come out and learn about our exciting ideas for the next school year!  If you can't make it, please contact Nancy.

- There will be an environmental club meeting today in the COURTYARD after school! Come and enjoy the beautiful gardens, bountiful snacks and help plant our native garden before our long break!!!

- In Class News:

* Attention freshmen, sophomores, and juniors:

It is time to run elections! If you think you have what it takes to lead your class next year, please do the following: gather a list of 25 signatures from students who support your candidacy and write a brief statement explaining which office you're running for and why you should be elected. Submit both to your future class advisor by May 31st. Freshmen should contact Jessica Bradley, sophomores should contact Linda Sutton, and juniors should contact Bonne Masseo. Students who submit their materials on time may campaign until elections are held on June 6th and 7th. See Mrs. Sutton with any questions.

* In Other News:

- Congratulations to all of the students and teachers involved in last night’s Art Show and Spring Concert.  The talent in the high school is impressive, make sure to see the work before it comes down.

- In Athletic News:

* Congratulations to Alex Cymbal and Aracely Watson they played amazing in day one of Girls golf sectionals.  Alex is in 4th place and Aracely in 8th heading into day two.

- Any girls interested in playing soccer next year, there will be a meeting after school on Tuesday, May 28th.

* The School doctor is coming to do physicals. If you need a physical, please sign up with the nurse. Just a reminder… If you are playing a sport in the fall you will need an updated physical and this physical will be good for next year.

- For lunch today the cafeteria staff will be serving.

* Today’s weather forecast calls for.

- And that is todays show.  For NPZ I am ________.

* And I am ________.  Enjoy your holiday weekend, New Paltz.